Residential Services

Repairs and service for home users

Transform can fix any problem you have with your laptop or desktop. We can perform any hardware replacement including cracked screens, broken hinges, loose power jacks, etc.
We perform free diagnostics on all computers so you’ll never have to make an investment in a computer that’s not worth fixing. Even if your computer won’t boot at all it might not be as bad as it seems. Bring it on down and let us take a look – you might be surprised by how affordable it can be to get your computer repaired.

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We can also help you with any software issues you have with your computer, whether you’re having trouble syncing your smartphone or you have programs that behave erratically.
Let Transform smooth out any bumps in your usage experience — sometimes a quick stop by our front desk is all you need to save yourself from hours of frustration with a program on your PC that just doesn’t work right.

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If your computer is running slowly, popping up ads, or taking you to web sites you didn’t try to go to, then you probably have a virus. Viruses can be an immediate risk to the security of all the personal information you store on your computer — passwords, credit card information, contact information, and the like. Transform will clean all the viruses out of your computer, while preserving your data. We offer quick turnaround and flat rates — no hidden fees. As always, your repair is backed by the Transform Guarantee– so trust your computer with Transform.

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When your backups aren’t working or you have a catastrophic event, we can help you recover data from your drive.  We can perform most data restoration services here in our Cheshire location, and partner with Data Medics for intensive processes or clean room recovery.  Data recovery rates typically range from $200-$500, but can be upwards of $1000 depending on the condition of the drive and the data.

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It’s not always easy or convenient to bring your technology to us —
Transform offers on-site service your home to ensure the timely resolution of your tech problems with a minimal disruption to your schedule. We also offer pickup and drop-off service for customers who are unable to bring their PCs down to our shop, or would simply prefer a more convenient route to repair.

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The world’s full of technology — and we don’t like to limit the ways we can help you use and understand it. We’ve done everything we can to help clients in the past — lessons on smartphones and PCs, scanning in photos, converting paper documents to editable Word or Excel documents, repairing flash drives that snapped off in USB ports (yikes!), and lots of other technology-related tasks that may seem off the beaten path. Our goal is simple : to make the technology you own work for you. So feel free to call down anytime and ask — we can either help you with your issue or point you in the right direction.

Sign up for a Transform+ Membership and save!


Get unlimited phone, remote, and in-person support with Transform+ Memberships.

Transform+ Membership

Transform+ Membership

$15 /month

Enterprise-Grade Antivirus
Health Monitoring
Free phone, remote, and in-person support for Windows and Microsoft Office Products
Free labor on hardware repairs
Savings on on-site visits

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    Enterprise-grade antivirus

    Don’t settle for home-grade antivirus on your PCs. With our Transform+ Membership you receive the same corporate-grade protection that we offer businesses — monitored by Transform to ensure it’s working and up-to-date.

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    Local and Cloud Backups

    Back up all your family photos, documents, and other work with local and cloud-based backup solutions monitored by Transform, so you’ll be confident that they’re doing their jobs 24/7

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    Diagnosis and Repair

    We perform free diagnostics on all your equipment to ensure that it’s worth fixing before you make an investment that’s not worth making. We repair PCs, Macs, Tablets, and many other devices.

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    Swift, expert service

    We understand your computers and technology are an important part of daily life — Our remote support software enables quick response and repair for most of your issues, so you might not need to bring your computer in at all.

Service Prices

Transform Member Non-Member
Full Cleaning Free $129
OS Install, OS Repair Free $129
Phone Support Free $90 per hour
Business Grade Antivirus Free $50/year
Hardware Repairs Parts Only Parts + $90 per hour
On-Site Visits* $80 Flat Fee* $40* + $90 per hour
Data Recovery 10% off Starting at $200