Non-Profit Plans

Flexible plans for non-profit entities

Transform offers a range of business support plans to meet your IT needs, and offers a 10% discount to non-profit organizations on all our service plan options. All plans include remote monitoring and antivirus to keep your computers up-to-date, secure, and running smoothly. Plans have option for included support so you can contact us at any time for help without worrying about billable hours (and save as well!). All plans include a 0-2 day service level agreement to ensure quick response to any issues you may have. This agreement can be upgraded to same-day service for time-sensitive operations.

Holistic backup solutions

Protect data on PCs and servers alike with local and cloud-based backup solutions monitored by Transform, so you’ll be confident that they’re doing their jobs 24/7.

Enterprise-grade antivirus

Automatic virus definition updates on all your PCs to ensure protection against the latest threats. Assurance that PCs have functioning, up-to-date protection and are virus-free. 24/7 monitoring of PCs’ vitals, including hard drive space, memory usage, and CPU usage.

Proactive diagnosis

Our system update monitoring ensures that all patches are installed to minimize security risks and mitigate the risk of downtime. The enterprise antivirus will scan your system for Trojans that can steal your most secure data.

Swift, expert service

Guaranteed response time for any problems that arise. Peace of mind, knowing that any downtime will be minimized. Our remote support software, which enables quick response and repair.

Getting Started

Just choose a plan below and fill out the form to get started, or give us a call at 203-649-5144 to sign up for a plan over the phone or set up an on-site consultation. After you set up a plan we’ll contact you to schedule a time when we can come to you and set up your remote monitoring and antivirus services.

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