New Mac Malware Found On The Dark Web

The World Wide Web Grows Darker Every Day

The number of new viruses being spread, continues to grow at a near exponential rate. And while malware mostly targets PC users (by an incredible margin), malicious programs for the apple II predate the original IBM PC viruses.  It wasn’t until 2006, however, that the first official ***virus*** came out for Mac users and spread through ichat. So while it seemed PC users had to dodge malware like raindrops, mac users were cultivating an air of impenetrability.

So when we found out there was a new trend in the dark web dealing with mac malware… we had to investigate.

Revolutionizing The Malware Industry

Two new websites on the dark web are offering malware as a service (MaaS) for people to willingly purchase, infect, and profit. Originally found by Bleeping Computer, the two new distributors of malware are MacSpy and MacRansome.


In some ways, yes, it’s kind of a milestone

“‘Cybercriminals are eyeing Macs, they’re definitely a juicy target,’ Patrick Wardle, a security researchers who focuses on Mac computers, told Motherboard in a phone call. ‘I think it’s a natural progression that’s not that surprising to see. But in some ways, yes, it’s kind of a milestone.’

For Martijn Grooten, an editor at Virus Bulletin, this is yet another reminder that ‘there is common purpose malware for Mac too,’ although he’s skeptical that we’ll ever see it spread like it did with Windows PCs.” – Motherboard

What Does This Mean For Mac Users?

Reports of ***malware*** invasion on mac computers rose 744% in 2016, and while the majority of type of malware isn’t nearly scary as the crook’s dark web version, it’s still worth noting.  While there’s no such thing as nice malware, Bleeping Computer also reported a heavy rise in the ‘worse’ kind over the last year.

If you’re a mac user like i am, you’ve probably heard the phrase “you can’t get a virus on a mac”, touted by other mac users or even disgruntled PC users.  This is your warning – DO NOT be fooled – you absolutely can get them.  At Transform Technology Services, we have seen a few come through the shop, and its likely we’ll see even more.  If you don’t already have virus protection for your mac, let us help you install and set up the kind that will protect you from what 2017 has in store for us.

Businesses using macs should not be lulled into a false sense of security. Protect your information from MacRansom the right way by checking out our ***business support plans.***

..Users Should not assume they’re inherently safe.

While Apple will continue improving their security, mac users should not assume they’re inherently safe.